Springtime is fully upon us, and with it, a breath of freshness is delivered to our lives to refresh us from our winter hibernation. Like nature, the world of Indie Game developers has blessed us with a new bloom of indie games to refresh our gaming slumber. Here’s a group of indie games that you want to keep on your radar this spring, we are.




RELEASE: Mid 2017

SYSTEM: Xbox One, Windows 10 & Steam

The first thing that will hit anyone when they see a screenshot of Cuphead are the graphics – the art really. This game has taken a style that is a throwback to the old school cartoons from the era of classic Disney. You will confuse the gameplay with cartoons like Steam Boat Willy and that is not a bad thing.

Developers at Studio MDHR decided to not just mimic the cell shaded style that your parents grew up on – they decided to go through an impressive and painstaking effort to fully animate this game like an old school artist would, frame by frame, scene by scene. The sheer scale of this art undertaking should garner your praise and make you take a serious look at picking up Cuphead.





DEVELOPER: Fullbright

RELEASE: Spring 2017

SYSTEM: Xbox One, Windows 10 & Steam

Tacoma is a very interesting concept game that explores augmented reality as a tool to tell a story. Set in the future on a remote space station, the main protagonist arrives after the story has taken place and is using augmented reality to recreate the scenes and learn what has happened on the space station.

There are a few reasons that we can wait to get our hands on this games. The first is because we want to play in the sandbox that Fullbright is building. Watching trailers for this game and seeing the no / low gravity environments and how you interact within it has our inner child just doing interstellar flips. The second is that the augmented reality system looks very intriguing and we would love to see how this is used as a tool for storytelling. This is a highwire act of storytelling that Fullbright is trying to pull off and I want to see if they can stick the landing.



Nidhogg 2



RELEASE: Spring 2017


Nidhogg was definitely a sleeper hit when it was first released. It’s ridiculously simple graphics made unassuming unaware to how addicted they were becoming to the arena fighter. Nidhogg 2 aims to keep its simple and addictive gameplay but expand its art into a drastic new direction.

Picking up the pixel artist Toby Dixon was a strong stroke from developer Messhof on the art front. The world he is making looks great – but from early reactions, alot of people are a little bit put off by the stark departure from Nidhoff spirit of simplicity.

Only the game’s release will tell if fans of the original will make the leap to this new world of shading and actual character designs.


Hello Neighbor


DEVELOPER: Dynamic Pixels

RELEASE: Summer 2017


Looking at Hello Neighbor for the first time you are immediately struck by the level of the art design that has gone into this game. You could split this in the middle of a Pixar movie and you might not tell the difference. This game has style and it wants to invite you into its sense of cuteness, because once your there, you’re going to be finding out what is going on with your serial killer neighbor.

The gameplay focus of Hello Neighbor is centered around being a stealthy neighbor while you sneak into the house you live next to. Don’t think that this is going to be a routine based game that you are able to learn and perfect. The main protagonist, your neighbor, is an advanced AI that has been created to actively improve and learn your style while you play.

We are more than excited to check out this horror game from Dynamic Pixels.







Overland is a game on this list that has got us not just interested but completely excited that a game like this is even being made. Riding the wake of survival/horror popularity in geekdom, Overland sets you in a post-apocalyptic North America where you and your squad are struggling to survive.

One of the first things to come to mind after watching gameplay footage for this game is that this feels like a post-apocalyptic Oregon Trails. Traveling across a procedurally generated North America, you will have to search for and manage weapons, fuel and survival supplies as you try to keep everyone in your group alive.

If you want us to buy your game, make a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic survivor game. We’ll buy your game.