Pit People is a new Early Access, available on Steam from The Behemoth for $14.99.

There is a child in all of us. Perhaps gamers understand that more so than the average human. We are – of course – the group that would not amount to anything if we kept staring at the television playing those blasted games. We are a group that encompasses all generations now and have not forgotten what it is like to immerse your imagination into something created by another’s. Pit People, a game by indie developer The Behemoth, is quite possibly the epitome of games that draws from this concept. With a heart loyal to strategy, the art, narration, and music are simply fun. There is a youthful appeal to the game, a hip vibe, and the environment created can appeal to that child we ate at some point still telling us it is okay to be free.


Newly released in early access there is still plenty to be desired from this quirky concoction. The combat leans heavily on standard strategy; you will find that, at least for now, selecting the enemy you want to target on the hexagonal grid is not possible. You move the characters- and they decide who they want to attack. It simplifies your work and yet also complicates things; the difficulty, in general, is fairly low making heavy though not as necessary as you would imagine.


As you bounce through the rather vast world, giggling at the saucy narrator’s jabs, fighting creative enemies, and building your dream team by catching new heroes with a net you start to realize there is a lot already implemented for an early access title. The joy of adding new gear to your vaults and equipping your team with the most ridiculous of weaponry and armor does not get old. However, the UI does. Menus can be a tad confusing. Nothing is handed to you and while it might not take long to begin to sort out what exactly you are doing. The fact remains that it will take some effort to be sure. Soon enough you will find yourself on another side quest, in the pit fighting, or working on what is presently there for the main storyline (it is not a lot) and all those frustrations will be forgotten.

This is a must have on your wishlist, and, knowing The Behemoth’s reputation very possibly worth the early access grab. Though, while you install, keep in mind the main story adds the icing to the cake and it is long from finished. You will not want this game to get dusty in your library, never to be picked up again, but we definitely recommend the wonderful funky world Pit People creates at some point in your future – no matter which generation you belong to.

Reviewed By: Monica, Twitter: @UnicornholeTV

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Josh @JoshuaGoode: Even though this is early access, Pit People feels, to me, like The Behmoth’s most complete piece of work yet. It’s character and charm hooked me in but its combat left me bored.

Monica @UnicornholeTV: Pit People tickled me, in places I have not been touched or a long time. Great zany games are few and far between; this one delivers.

Brian @drnkie: The Behemoth is a master of their craft aesthetically. Pit People delivers on a vibe that is distinctly it’s own, but the early access of this game leads to it lacking any meaningful depth.